Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bye, Bye Brioche!

Once upon a time there was a knitter in Boston who decided to learn a new knitting stitch, the bi-color Brioche stitch. This knitter didn't try to learn bi-color brioche with a hat, or even a scarf. No, that would be simple. This knitter decided to make a whole sweater out of bi-color brioche. Our knitter did learn bi-color brioche, she toiled away during the knitting Olympics with a back, then with a front, but our knitter did not like the bi-color brioche sweater she was making. She did not like it at all. When the Olympics were over she set aside the back and most of the front that had been done, thinking that after some time

she might be willing, and even eager to work on that sweater again.

I can officially tell you that that day will never come. Bi-color Brioche is no more. All that remains of the back are four balls of bright blue yarn, and the Pearl Buck A-Line Sweater, which was finished this weekend. No the Bi-color brioche sweater can be officially removed from the side bar.

Sorry that the photos aren't that good.


Anonymous Lissy said...

Brava for your adaptability and chutzpah! It turned out great and suits you very well. Congratulations!

2:39 PM  
Blogger KnuttyKnitter said...

I too am making the PBSJ and have a question for you.....
What do you do when the chart says "no stitch"? Do you slip the stitch to the other needle and continue knitting? I'm sure it's easy and straight forward and I just don't get it :(
Hannah (from Circles)

7:52 AM  

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