Thursday, January 04, 2007

Almost Done with Gifts

This is my last Christmas gift to be finished. I still have one present which needs to be blocked, but the knitting has been done for a long time now.

I don't really have anything worthwhile to say today. I am trying to do the 365 Project thing, and I have started a blog solely for that. Here is my photoblog:

I hope to refind my photographic inspiration. I really used to love photography, but after I moved into the city I seemed to find less and less inspiration. The photographs I took before were primarily still lives. I would arrange some random objects and take black and white photos of the items. I then developed the negatives and printed them. It was wonderful. For equipment I have a Mamiya 645 (which fell off my bike in '05 and broke, I haven't fixed it yet), an old 4x5 press camera, a seconic spot meter, a tripod, a Canon Rebel (my first "serious" camera), an enlarger, a photo easel, trays, tongs, chemicals (too old at this point), paper, & film. I don't think I will shoot film, but then again, maybe I will work with my 4x5 on the weekends...

PS, if you check out my photoblog, don't have high expectations. I am not a particularly good writer and so far my photographs are mediocre at best.


Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

yay for finishing all your holiday gift knits! : )

9:04 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

OMG, this cracks me up. You look like you are about to burgle your bathroom! :P

Nice hat.

9:20 PM  

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