Thursday, January 10, 2008

Slow Progress

For some reason I have lost inspiration on Venezia. I have an idea why this is, but it is still a surprise to me. I think I have lost inspiration because I am uncertain about the sizing. I am afraid that it won't fit right. I also haven't been in the mood to think and there are modifications that I am making that require some serious thought. As a result of the inspiration lost I am only a few rows into the body of Venezia.
I did manage to finish the second Orchid Lace Mitt. I ended up following the pattern correctly but ended the repeats short to keep the 2 mitts the same length on my hands. The length on my arms is different, but since I anticipate that sleeves will cover most of the arm I don't really care about that.
Finally for today, I started a Seamans cap yesterday. I had to rip out once and start again, so I haven't gotten very far. This is a belated Christmas gift for a friend.


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