Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Post Delays

I am afraid that there will be a delay in photo posts from me, J. My card reader has gone AWOL, originally I thought I brought it home on Friday, but then last night, when I didn't see it, I figured that it must have been in the office. Well, I still don't know where the card reader is. Unfortunately, I also don't know where my camera cord is. I have never once, in all the time with this camera (since Aprilish of this year, so not THAT long) used the camera cord, I always use my card reader.

Wearing FOs is still going on. If I had the ability to upload photos I would be showing you the second pair of socks that I made. I wore the socks on Friday, when I finally made it home. You would also see an FO shot of Autumn Rose, which I wore to tea at the Gore Place on Saturday. For Sunday's post you would see a photo of my in my Pearl Buck Jacket (not a very flattering style of jacket for me). For yesterday, there would be a photo of me in the very first pullover I made, complete with a commentary on my improperly done make 1s and the holes that are in the sweater where I made one. Finally, for today there would be a photo of me wearing my sweater made from a Reynolds Whiskey Pattern knit using Naturespun sport.

Soon there will be photos from me again, including all of the above mentioned ones.

In addition to my little tech hiccup, K is also unable to post right now. Things are a bit hectic (which is actually quite an understatement) for her, but she will be returning to posting at some point.


Blogger Vegan Pi said...

And here I thought that since there weren't any posts lately of you two wearing your FOs that you must both be going around nude. The truth is much less exciting. Hope things calm down for K soon and that you find your camera doohicky J.

3:54 PM  

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