Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reverse Snow Day

As a child in school, I, like most children in snowy areas loved the idea of a snow day. A day that we were free from the burden of going to school. Free to go sledding on hills, free to make snowmen, free to make snow forts, free to stay out side glorying in the frigid winter air and the soft snow flakes. Snow days involved knowing, without doubt, that when you finally went inside and removed you wet boots, hats, gloves/mittens, scarves, snow pants, and coats there would be hot tomato soup waiting for lunch and even better yet, hot cocoa to drink. You knew that you could relish the snow and make your poor body freeze because soon you would be filled with warmth again.
During this same time, I used to have something of a nightmare daydream that would occur when snow flakes started to fall during school days. The nightmare would involved snow falling hard and fast, school buses unable to run, sidewalks covered in snow so that they were too dangerous to walk on, and the principal declaring that it was too dangerous for any of us to go home, so we would have to stay in school were there would be no freedom to play. My reverse snow day never occurred, of course, but the fear of it was always there.

Now, as I write this though, my reverse snow day has occurred. As K wrote, I have been swamped with work today, and in fact should still be working instead of writing this. The result of my impending deadline is that I did not leave the office when I should have. Snow started falling here in Boston around mid-day. I did not pay much attention to it at first because the predictions were for somewhere around 7 inches, which really, isn't that big of a deal, especially since I don't drive to work, so while sensible Greater Bostonians were fleeing the office, I was at my computer (but I wasn't the only one). Around 5:30 I set out to catch a bus to Boston. My bus runs every half-hour. I knew that there would be some delay, how could there not be? At 6:30 though, as I was still the only person at my stop, and as I saw that traffic was not moving on the road, I walked back to my office to see if my partner could give me a ride to the T. We talked and decided that there wasn't much point to fighting traffic, why not just have dinner. With dinner done, we walked back to the office, stopping along the way to help push a couple of cars that were stuck on the road (see photo from cell on right), and resumed work on the project with the deadline. Perhaps traffic would lighten up soon.

Finally, it became apparent that if he didn't leave immediately, he wouldn't be getting home, so he left. I am still here, I am snowed in my workplace, finally, my nightmare of a reverse snow day is a reality. Now, before anyone gets too hard on him, traffic reports were pretty clear that if he tried to drive me to Boston he stood an excellent chance of not being able to get back out of Boston, 93N is apparently something of a parking lot. A recent report also tells us that 128 isn't very good either. Also, please understand that I have had multiple offers of local places to stay, but I have work to do and don't think I could openly do it around other people, or while they were sleeping. This way, I can wake up, go to my local stop, hop a bus and go home as soon as I wake up (assuming I sleep)

Enough of the weather and my busy, and admittedly boring, work life, what, you ask, am I wearing today, December 13th? Well, I am wearing a recent FO, Season of Darkness, which is still unlined. Still loving this piece :-) Oh, nearly forgot, at dinner tonight my partner was commenting on how amazed he is by this sweater, he still couldn't beleive that they make yarn that will form the patterns on the brown part. My response: "Um, the yarn didn't make the design, I did, it is 2 differnt yarns and you knit with both hands."

On December 12th, I was in Court in the morning, and chose not to wear an FO under my suit, instead, I came home and changes into casual clothes. Yesterday was a work from home day. I chose to wear my Twisted Float Shrug. My thoughts on Twisted Float: I kind of hate it. I hate to say that, it was an expensive piece and so interesting in the cover photo, but it was a pain in the ass to knit and it doesn't fit. I swear it grew when I went to block it. It just won't stay on my shoulders no matter how hard I try. I have even tried to clasp it closed with a hair stick (or a knitting needle depending on what is handy) and the damn thing still slips right off the shoulder. I am half tempted to frog it and turn it into something that might get worn more often, but I just can't bring myself to do it. (oh, just so you don't think I am some kind of lush, that is water in the wine glass in the photo.

A final photo from me, a kitty who wants to be let out of the bag. This photo is here because my poor kitty is all alone tonight and she doesn't seem to like that much. E, thanks again for going by and feeding her!
Oh, look for a brand spanking new FO to be shown here soon...



Anonymous Lissy said...

Wow, bummers about you getting stuck in the storm. And doudble bummers that you hate the AM jacket/shrug thingy because it's such an impressive and beautiful knit. I hope your week got better.

1:17 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

An appropriate sweater to wear in that kind of weather, the colorwork.

Yes, isn't yarn technology amazing,patterning the yarn like that for you? I actually meta guy last weekend who saw a pair of self-striping socks I was knitting and figured it out himself that it's dyed that way. Impressive. Been then, I already told you about him.

3:40 PM  

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