Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Photo Posting Resumes

My camera card is still missing, but I figured out how to connect directly to my camera (a cord that I wrote off, turns out to be the camera cord, it just connects to the base/charger unit and not to the camera itself).

First, I am going to share a current knitting project. I have decided to make a smaller version of Jeannie as a gift for one of my Aunts. I am not sure that it will be done in time, well, actually I know that it won't because I need to ship it out. The original pattern used sock yarn, but I am using SeaSilk, which I beleive is a larger yarn. Now that I have a hang of the twisted rib/regular rib pattern, it is moving along quickly and smoothly.
Now, to tell you about my FOs:

Friday I went home mid-day and promptly prepared to crash from a long hard 24 hours of continuous working. I wanted to keep the FO thing going, so I put a pair of socks on to sleep. As I wrote yesterday, these were the second pair of socks which I knit. I knit these socks uing Opal sock yarn (not to be confused with Louet Sales Gems Opal). The yarn looked so pretty in the hank, but they did not look nearly as nice when I knit them up. The yarn has held up very well, but the socks themselves are too big for my legs, so the constantly fall down and slide around.

Saturday, I wore Autumn Rose, sorry still no photos to share.

Sunday, was my Pearl Buck Jacket, not the most flattering cut for me. I probably will avoid A-lines in the future unless I loose lots of weight. What intrigued me about this patter was the pleat on the back. I used knit picks merino style which seems to be holding up reasonable well. The edging on the front of the jacket has a tendency to want to curl. I have to attack this sweater with an iron to get it to lie flat.

Monday I wore my very first pullover. This is a Jaeger pattern, whose name I don't remember. I knit it using the called for yarn Jaeger Aqua (I was still exclusively doing that back then). I knit this sweater immediately following finishing my Big Wool sweater. The yarn was purchased over at Woolcott in Harvard Square. I knit this sweater during breaks while I served on jury duty, and at other times too. I don't remember how the fit was when the sweater was new, but it is definitely loose now. One thing I remember is that when I was sewing the pieces together, I discovered that the sleeves were WAY too long. I resolved this problem by creating a fold up cuff for the sleeves. Another issue with this sweater, was my make ones. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I didn't know how to create a nice M1. I picked up the bar between stitches and knit a new stitch, no twist, no knit through back loop. This created big open holes where the stitch was created. These big open holes occur at ever crossing of the cable down both the front and the back of the sweater. I now pretend this was a design feature, but between you and I, I know it isn't.

On Tuesday it was time to pull out Whiskey, which I finished in late spring of this year. I don't wear this often because I don't like the fit of it. I think that I need to remember not to make button down cardi's for me. This one, which is admittely a touch to small, gapes at the chest, the cabled cardi which I made without a pattern is a touch too big (intentionally) and it STILL gapes! Actually, is there any way you guys know to prevent gaping?

Wednesday's sweater is York, a zippered cardigan made using big kureyon. It is a Noro pattern. The sleeve caps don't seem to be the best design in the world, but as I have worn the sweater it seems that that problem has become less noticeable. I wear York fairly often, it is a good everyday sweater. The yarn has pilled slightly, but not overly much.

And today, Thursday, I am wearing the cardigan that I copied from a tv show. This sweater is a recent FO, so I don't really have much to say about it. It was a design learning experience. Also in the photo is my modified Huckleberry Ascot made with Malabrigo. I just came in the office when I took the picture and the ascot feels soft and warm around my neck, so it is remaining for a bit.


Anonymous Lissy said...

I love the variety of your FOs, both in style and color. I'm a big fan of Aqua and loved that one particularly. And I think the "design feature" adds a certain something.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I don't know what you're talking about. I've seen you in that A-line jacket and you looked great.

I'm noticing a distinct trend with your socks lately - contrasting toes and heels. You keep this up and I'll end up knitting a pair like that through subconscious suggestion.

3:36 PM  

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