Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kitty in Baskets

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday, and that everyone has a great New Years.

I have made my annual journey down to PA to visit with family. I have now been here for a week. My stay is extending a tiny bit longer than originally planned, but plans are made to be changed, right?

Isis has come to PA with me and seems to enjoy having more space. She also seems to enjoy the many baskets that my mom has scattered about the house. The basket to the left is actually a trash can used in the living room. The basket to the right holds printing supplies including toner. None of that stopped Isis from deciding that the basket was a comfortable place to rest.
As far as knitting goes, I had thought that with a week off from work I would get a TON of knitting done, but that hasn't happened. For whatever reason there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting going on. I have started a new sweater, Venezia, by Eunny Jang from IK, winter 2006, but so far I have only finished one sleeve. I am making this using Lanett Superwash 100% merino wool. It feels so soft and squish. I plan on making some mods to the pattern. The first major mod is that I am using only 2 colors instead of the 10 or so called for in the pattern. Additionally, I am going to modify the neckline. Venezia is a boat neck pullover. I don't like boat necks, so I am going to make mine either a U neck or a V neck. I am also considering modifying the sleeves. The pattern uses sleeve caps, which you knit in the round using steeks. I think that I would prefer not having to steek the sleeve and sew them in, so I am considering either changing the sleeves to raglan or trying to figure out if you can create sleeve caps when knitting a pullover in the round. Until I have made the final decision on how my sleeves are going to work, I am putting the sleeves on holders when I reach the start of the cap shaping.I also did manage to finish my mini Jeannie (photo to come latter).
As far as FO flashing goes, I have one or 2 more sweaters that I planned on flashing (I hadn't expected to go so far in the month when this started), but I didn't wear a sweater when driving and I didn't bring the unworn sweaters with me, so I guess I am done with flashing.



Blogger Disentangled said...

I really like the way your Venezia looks with the 2 colors. I love the original and find all the colors really charming. But, you are giving new life to the pattern by knitting it in two colors. Really nice!

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

I love the Isis pics. You two have much in common. You decide what you want and you go for it. Way to redesign that pattern of Eunny's!

11:47 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Ah, Venezia... It was just a matter of time!

4:21 PM  

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