Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hodge Podge

I knit gifts for only 2 people this holiday season. I made a mini-Clapotis for my grandmother and I made a mini-Jeannie for an Aunt. I haven't sent the mini-Jeannie off yet, so I don't know how it will be received. This is a drop stitch cable pattern that was designed to be sort of a stole/shawl type thing. I knew that I did not have enough Seasilk to make it a stole, so I turned it into a scarf. It still isn't a very big scarf, but I think it is long enough to be OK.
I have made some progress on Venezia and now have 2 sleeves knit to the same point. I am not going to bother sharing a photo since each sleeve looks the same and I have already shared a photo of the first sleeve.
I took a short break from Venezia, mostly because I needed to print out my redone version of the chart and my printer at home isn't working, and during the break I began making a pair of Orchid Lace Mitts. I am using some of my Malabrigo lace weight yarn. I have one mitt finished and the second one started. I have discovered that I made a mistake with the orchid lace motif on the first mitt. I read one line as being "repeat rows 2-14 two times" when in fact it said "repeat these 14 rows two times" Now my dilemma is whether or not to repeat the mistake on the second mitt, or to correct it.


Blogger Christine said...

Well, it looks fine to me, so maybe you should repeat the mistake. but then again, I'm a bit of a Philistine.

Love the scarf!

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

My experience with scarves that are long enough when I finish them is that they soon become scarves that are either a bit too long or really honkin' long, so I think your maybe-too-short scarf will work itself out. It's really cool, both the pattern and the color. Re the mitts, I vote for sticking with your mistake and calling it a "pattern modification."

12:13 AM  

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