Tuesday, January 15, 2008


That is what I have been. It happens to us all. I am waiting for some yarn and a book and am impatient for their arrival. I haven't wanted to go further with Venezia, so I decided to read, but reading wasn't engaging enough so I wanted to knit with nothing moving me to knit I decided to use up some left overs and make a hat
The hat started with using yarn that was left over from a Seaman's cap I made last week, unfortunately, there wasn't enough black left over to make an entire second hat. As I ran low on black I searched around in my pile of left over yarn for some dark green Cotton Fleece (the same yarn as the black) which I thought I had. I couldn't find the dark green, no clue how or what it was used on, but it wasn't with my other left overs. What I did find though was my left over from Lotus Blossom, Candy Apple, so I used that instead. I wanted to try to make the hat as black as possible, but I didn't have enough black to do more than what you see above.
I finished the Seaman's Cap on Sunday morning and needed something else to knit. Venezia still didn't move me, mostly because I wanted to continue reading and there was NO way that I could do Venezia and read at the same time. I reached into my limited stash and pulled out some Cotton Fleece in Rue colorway that I inherited when Crisis of Praxis moved to San Francisco and cast on for the Dollar and Half Cardigan from the Spring 2007 issue of IK. I know for a fact that I don't have enough of this yarn to finish the cardigan but I was way to restless and impatient to wait to see if I could find more yarn.
Originally this was going to be a March project. I planned on casting on for Celtic Icon from Inspired Cable Knits, but since Webs still hasn't charged my card for the yarn I ordered on Wednesday and since my copy of the book hasn't arrived from Amazon yet, I felt that I had little other choice but to start this now. I am modifying the original pattern and knitting the body in one piece instead of 3. I have eliminated the slevedge stitches from the back and am using a purl stitch to create a faux seam. So far this seems to be working out ok, though the faux seam gets lost during the reverse stockinette sections of the pattern.
The sweater seems to be moving along pretty quickly, but that is probably because I spent most of Sunday and Monday working on it. I have been able to work on this while reading, which is excellent because I have tons and tons of deposition transcripts to review and they can be mind numbingly tedious. Speaking of mind numbing tedium, it is time I get started reading today's dose of transcripts. Have a good one all!


Blogger Theresa said...

That's a great sweater. Can't wait to see how it comes out.

10:48 AM  
Blogger arianna said...

I thought I recognized the $1.50! :) I keep meaning to pick that up again, but since it's for myself (one of the rare projects), other things keep getting in the way. I am so frustrated, too, because you're right, it's a quick knit, and it was moving along SO well last spring! Oh, well. I think it was good to put aside because at the time, a ton was going on in my life...but now I'm too afraid to pick it back up again, because I'm not even sure where I left off! =\

Hope yours turns out better (and much quicker! you tend to finish things, whereas I don't) than mine!!! :)

10:49 AM  

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