Monday, December 03, 2007

Flash the FOs:

Since I have started knitting I have accumulated a pile of FOs, and I know K has too. The FOs basically fill a 3 drawer dresser and mostly consist of sweaters, but I don't know how many sweaters and the like I actually have. After seeing all the posts of people trying to knit a sweater in November for the National Knit a Sweater Month thing, I thought this would be a good time to show off FOs. Since I have a lot of sweaters, I will primarily be flashing sweaters, if you want to participate but don't knit many sweaters, feel free to flash whatever FOs you have (socks, scarf, shawls, hats, etc...). What we are going to do is show a photo of the FO in action and tell you a little about it. We may not post each day, so some days you will see more than a day's worth of FOs.

December 1st:

From VK, Holiday 2004 (I don't remember the name/number and forgot to look that up today, sorry). This was the first cardigan that I ever knit. This sweater is made from Rowan Big Wool, and is probably the only sweater that I will ever make from Big Wool. I love this sweater, but the yarn pills like crazy. When I wear this I feel something like a homeless person. It now looks nothing like a sweater that costs as much as this one did. On the up side, the sweater is warm and cozy. It is good to wear on cold winter days. I knit this sweater primarily while preparing for, and trying, a week long medical malpractice trial. I was working with another attorney on the case and would frequently pull out the sweater when it got to be very late at night and my brain had shut down, but he was still working (I needed a ride home from him and so had to stick around until he was done). Turns out that he found my knitting to be soothing, which meant it wasn't sending the intended signal (i.e. I am tired and done working, lets call it a night).

December 2:

This is the first piece I knit when I learned for the 3rd time. It is a simple poncho, a ribbed rectangle that you sew together forming a poncho on the bias. I made this with an acrylic yarn, which curled. I wanted to get rid of the curl, so I ironed it, using steam and relatively high heat. Fortunately, it didn't melt, but it became very, very flat. From this I learned that if you iron a ribbed garment, you don't end up with a normal rib. I really don't wear this anymore, but since I was having a lazy Sunday and had no plans of leaving the apartment I figured, why not?

December 3rd:

I had a court appearance scheduled for 1 pm today (the Judge canceled it at 9 this morning). Clearly I can't wear a pullover or cardigan to court. Times like this I remember that those summer knit tanks can generally work as a shell under the suit. This is Calla, from MagKnits. It was knit using Classic Silk by Classic Elite. Details of Calla are here. I really enjoyed working with Classic Silk and the yarn itself holds up well, though it doesn't have a great deal of elasticity.

Switching to K now,

December 1:


This is my Banff sweater, which is a knitty pattern. I can't remember where exactly this fit in, but it was either my second or third sweater (one my first sweaters, Simply Marilyn from the Spring 2004 IK, has already met its end at an unraveling party). Considering how the others turned out, it's remarkable how well this one did. It's not without its issues, though. I used


GGH Savannah yarn which, while lacking somewhat in elasticity for the ribbing, has held up remarkably well. I have wanted to remake this pattern for a long time, preferably in a smaller size. This, by the way, is the smallest size! Obviously, I'd have to do some tweaking to the pattern. I knit this in the days before I tweaked anything, but even so, it turned out well, and it's one of my favorite cozy sweaters.

December 2:


This is my completed Hudson, which I have blogged about before. This, too, is one of my favorite, and most worn, FO's. Despite the fact that it's a bulky, wool sweater, I'm able to wear it more than I would have thought in San Diego. It's not knit particularly tightly, so I think that has something to do with it. The yarn, Big Kureyon, has held up remarkably well, too. It's a comfortable, casual Saturday shopping and running errands kind of sweater. It's cozy, too.

December 3:


Since it's kind of warm today, I'm taking the opportunity to wear one of my summer knits. This is the Prosperous Plum Tank. This is a knit that fits really well and was fun to knit. It has held up well to wearing and it is something that I wear fairly often. As you can see, it's not just for the summer since I can wear it underneath a light jacket for warm-ish winter days. The original blog post about it can be found here.



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