Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekend of Knitting

So how much knitting can one apparently insanely obsessed knitter get done in the long Thanksgiving holiday? Well, if that knitter is me, and if the project is the Autumn Rose Pullover more can be done than expected, but less than hoped for. As you may recall, I started the weekend (Thursday being the start) with one sleeve done to the point where it would be joined to the body and the second sleeve started and done to about the end of the cuff. Before too long I had 2 sleeves finished to the point where they get joined to the body:

After finishing the sleeves it was time to move on to the body itself. I had deluded hopes that after a weekend of insane knitting I might actually have the sweater done so that I could wear it this week (hello? It is fingering weight yarn knit on size 2 needles, there is a steek involved, it needs blocking, I need sleep and to eat occasionally, what was I thinking there?!). I knew that my expectations weren't realistic, so the question was, how far could I really get?

The answer is 2+ rows of circle motifs and moving on to start the 3rd row of circle motifs, which means that the sleeves are going to be joined at the end of these circles and that the neck will start to be shaped and steek stitches cast on very soon.

This weekend I got to thinking of the finished sweaters that I own. I have a dresser that is pretty much devoted to my hand knits (hey, they take up a lot of space!) and I know that now that it is fall I have been wearing handknits most days. I keep most (ok, pretty much all) of my FOs (I am selfish, what can I say?) and I know that I have accumulated bunch of sweaters since I started knitting. I have decided that while I didn't participate in the knit a sweater month (what is NaSweKniMo or something?) I am going to start December by wearing a different hand knit sweater every day. I want to see how far into the month I can go. I have a couple of court appearances in December, but fortunately, I have a couple (or at least one) tank type sweater that works well under a suit jacket. People flash their stash, and as stated earlier, devoted a month to knitting a sweater, but I am unaware of any kind of group flashing of FOs. While I know that our blog readership isn't big enough for this to catch on large scale, I would be interested in seeing the FOs of our readers if you are interested in sharing, any takers?



Blogger Squeaky said...

I would so take you up on the FO thing if only I had a camera and could show off my FO's. But way to go on Autumn Rose! It's looking simply gorgeous and I can't wait to see it finally finished. It looks like it would be very warm.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Vegan Pi said...

I give away most of what I knit! I could try to get the baby sweater, the too small sweater and the couple I've knit for my mom back and play along with ya, but that would only dress me for four days (and barely on 2 of those!).

I'll wear my handknit scarf in support of you though. If it gets cold enough outside :)

1:58 PM  
Blogger knitcake said...

Autumn Rose is amazing and beautiful! Can't wait to see your flash of FO's in December, I admire the speed, beauty, and quality of your knitting.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

Your autumn rose is looking gorgeous and amazing. I love your enthusiasm. I could defintely do an FO scarf a day thingy if I weren't leaving town, but I will give it a go when I get back. For the record, I am bringing 3 FO scarves on my trip with me, packed before I read this post! And I wore a scarf today, the infamous one I was knitting out of "ugly yarn" that infamous knit night. LOL

10:25 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Dear god, so this is what happens when I am not there to distract you, eh?

5:45 PM  

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