Sunday, October 21, 2007

FO's, new projects, and...swatches?

It always feels so good to finish a project. Finishing a sweater feels particularly good. It means that the project will never become a UFO. It will never become a source of guilt or shame. Not to mention that you get a new sweater out of it!

Meet Wicked:

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It's still blocking. Before blocking, it was snug and a little shorter than I'd like. Once it got wet, it grew several inches in width - I'm not sure exactly how many because I didn't measure before it got wet - I can just tell by how it fit me. I tried it on before I blocked it and it was really cute, so I'm excited to wear it when it's dry. Considering it's going to be almost 90 degrees on Wednesday, I'm thinking its debut will not be this week.

I also finished another long-standing UFO that I'll blog about later in the week. It's over at my parents' house blocking as we speak. It's got some issues that I hope come out in the blocking - otherwise it will need some tweaking. Oh, I've said enough already! You'll see soon enough!

Anyway, finishing up this old UFO was the deal I made with myself to cast on for the Central Park Hoodie, which I've been chomping at the bit to cast on for weeks.

Seeing as I never, ever swatch for a project (swatches are more dishonest than politicians), what's this?

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Well (sheepishly), I guess it's a swatch. But, but, but, I've never used this yarn before! I even washed my swatch! The size I choose to make depends upon the outcome of this swatch, so it's actually kind of important - IF it doesn't lie through its teeth.



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