Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Socks

A year ago I began working on a sock using some red Trekking yarn, Sunday, a year later, I finally finished the second sock. My second sock was delayed because I had no real notes telling me how I did the heel turn for the first sock. Eventually, I looked up another toe up sock with a gusset and heal flap and improvised the second heal. Immediately after I finished the heel, I found the very limited notes I made about the heel turn.

The pattern is of my own design. The sock is a toe up style. The toe is a round toe which I reverse engineered from a cuff down pattern. I arranged the toe so that the number of stitches between the increases equaled the number of stitches for the 2 stitch patterns selected (9). I thought that this would give the sock a nice flow.

The sock was knit on size 0 Addis. I am not sure what gauge I got, but there are 72 stitches to a round.

As I mentioned, this sock has a heel flap and gussets. I didn't want to just do the standard heel flap stitch (k1, slip1) so I divided the flap into sections of 9 and made the flap alternate between the standard heel flap and a flap that looked more like seed stitch (still done with k1, slip1, but alternating rows so that the slip stitches don't line up)

As mentioned, there were 2 different stitch patterns used, one that is a pseudo cable and one that is a something like a traveling stitch. The stitch patterns alternate so that the same motif does not sit next to itself. I also decided to make the socks mirror each other. The cuff for the sock was a very simple rib, no frills there.

Well, I guess those are all the details of this sock. Next sock I will be working on is another sock of my own design where the first sock was made last year. This one also has a design challenge in that my notes simply tell me that the toe used was a "star of 3 points." That would be fine if I had done a cuff down, but I had reverse engineered that toe too, so I am not really sure how I created the "star of 3 points" and the yarn used isn't perfectly suited for recreating. Until I get the courage to try to figure that one out, my traveling project is a thrummed mitten made from this kit:



Blogger Dave said...

Those socks are gorgeous. Sounds like you're having fun turning all your second socks in "firsts again"! :-)

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

I need to go have a lie down and rest after reading your explanation. You continue to dazzle me with your technical skill and devil-may-care attitude, a combustible combination. And of course, there is your really wonderful gift of designing lovely things. I'm enjoying watching you evolve into a kick ass knitter with tons of chutzpah. Congratulations on the socks -- they look great.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Purl said...

These are gorgeous! I could never imagine knitting socks that complicated let alone making up my own pattern. I love the color of the mitten yarn, too!

Thanks for the congratulations!

4:00 PM  
Blogger Disentangled said...

Those came out really great!

4:28 PM  

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