Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So, I Can Knit Something Black

I have a surprising amount of black yarn in my stash. Before I knit my first project in black yarn, I thought this seemed like a good idea. After all, I wear a lot of black. As many of you know, though, its VERY boring to knit with and, in bad light, it can be hard to see. However, everybody's knitted skirts lately, here and here especially, have inspired me knit my own. Unlike other knitted skirt patterns I've seen, these don't seem to be inherently unflattering. So, last Thursday, I cast on for my very own Indigo Ripples from the Spring 2007 IK:

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I wanted to use stash yarn, so I reworked the pattern for Licorice Cotton-Ease from my stash. I figure doing it in black yarn will hide any bulges. I'm almost done, but its starting to hurt my hands (and the rows are long now), so I can only do about 12 rows per day. I've done 34 out of 50 rows of the lace section, then I need to do a ruffle, and then I'm done!

Yesterday, I decided to stop by the *best* used bookstore in San Diego, Adams Avenue Books on the corner of 35th and Adams in Normal Heights. Its the perfect used bookstore, right out of a movie, in my opinion, complete with hardwood floors, classical music playing in the background, 3 shop cats and TONS of great used books. I went looking for some mystery novels, and I found a bunch of them, including one I was stalking at Borders. I also found this:

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Yes, I'm getting back into sewing. The resurgence is a result of me getting a good job so I can actually buy my own sewing machine! Thanks to Marisa, I'm getting a really good deal on a previously "loved" model. Anyway, getting back to the book, its a little like having my sewing friend/teacher/guru Cora living in my house (I asked her, but she won't move in with me to be my full time sewing teacher). Its a really simple, basic book about reading patterns, sewing tools, making alterations, etc. As a bonus, it was only $8.50! Here's a sample of an inside page:

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Sometime in the very near future, I'm going to be sewing a skirt out of this fabric:

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Isn't it gorgeous? I can't wait!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh all you people with the sewing! Don't you know I'm trying to resist the urge to dig out my sewing machine? ;) Congrats on knitting in black, BTW!

PS: I posted the banana bread recipe for you. :)

1:30 PM  
Blogger Siercia said...

ooooh, that is some gorgeous fabric!

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Marisa said...

What a great find on that book! Glad I could use my enabling skills in the sewing machine purchase - you are going to love it :)

7:14 PM  

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