Friday, April 06, 2007

Not My Class Project

Even though I'm supposed to be slaving away at the two sweaters I'm making for my design class, I'm working on Sahara instead. Its much more fun to work on when I'm swamped with work. Its also good "relax at the end of the day while catching up on Netflix" kind of knitting.

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Here's where I'm at. I joined it together at the front last night and I just finished the waist decreases (which I naturally had to change from the original pattern to accomodate my long torso. Now, I have to figure out how to change the increases to accomodate my bedonkadonk. I hope you have a happier Friday planned than I do. Work, work, work! Running around like a nut! Is it the weekend yet?



Anonymous Marisa said...

Sahara is looking great!!

1:05 PM  

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