Thursday, January 18, 2007

Provisional Cast on or Imaginary Cast on?

No, this isn't about a new technique. It is a whine. A month or two ago I bought some lovely Handmaiden Sea Silk with a gift certificate given to me by L (a blogless N.End knitter). For a variety of reasons I hadn't done anything with the yarn in 2006. The skein contains 400 meters, a respectable amount of yarn, but not enough to make a shawl. After much thought I decided that a lacey scarf would be perfect with this yarn. I picked out my main motif for the scarf then did a provisional cast on. My idea was that I would add an edging on both skinny sides. Little did i know just how provisional the cast on would be. I pulled out the scarf to show to someone last night and saw my provisional yarn sticking out midway through the cast on row. See the yarn end sticking up on the photo in the upper right? That thread should not be there, it should be sticking out of the end of the row. I managed to rescue most of the stitches that came off of the provisional cast on, but one is still lost. In order to prevent more problems, as you can see, all provisional cast on stitches (save the one lost stitch) are now on a stitch holder.

Since I knew that the fallen stitches would drive me batty, I chose to spend most of last night working on my newest project. I am making the Nantucket Jacket using Sugar Plum Cotton-Ease. I know that K loves this yarn, but I don't have any Cotton-Ease FOs (with the exception of a Baby Bobbi Bear). Originally the Sugar Plum Cotton-Ease I had was going to be a shirt dress. Well, I ran out of yarn before I got to the sleeves, the dress was so short that it barely covered what needed to be covered, and I looked like I weighed a ton in the sack like dress. Since it was so awful I just threw it aside and ignored it, and ignored it, and ignored it. Now, with a tight budget, a boredom with socks, and a desire to make a sweater, the Cotton-Ease called me. I have undone 3 balls worth of the yarn, and am knitting directly off the dress for the last skein that I have. I probably don't have enough yarn to finish the sweater, but will see how far I can go with it before I worry.



Blogger bitterknitter said...

Good to know that it is possible for the provisional cast on to undo itself! I will be sure to secure mine well next time. I hope that the wedding ring shawl holds on to its cast on better. Can you imagine dropping a stitch on that!

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

Sorry the yarn is giving you bad juju vibage. No good deed goes unpunished, I guess. You do like to live life dangerously with yardage, don't you? I like how you're just knitting it right from the UFO. That takes chutzpah!

2:54 PM  

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