Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nantucket Jacket

Surprisingly, I am some how managing to make some real progress on the Nantucket Jacket. I managed to finish both halves of the front this weekend and to seem them to the back. I am a little worried that the sweater will be shorter than I want, but since it will be a cotton sweater, I am hopeful that gravity will help lengthen the sweater. One interesting thing about this pattern is that you make the collar simply by knitting 3 1/2 inches of seed stitch on the top of each of the front halves of the cardigan, then you seem the two cast off edges together (I don't know why you don't simple leave the stitches live then graft them together, but, whatever). I think that I am going to end up undoing my collar seeming and re-seeming it. The way I have it done now, if the collar folds over (which I think it will) the wrong side of the seeming shows, which will be rather unattractive.

I have just under one skein of my cotton-ease left, so I am holding off starting the sleeves. I figure that I can use my cotton-ease to do the crochet edging around the button edges of the cardigan, and if the cotton-ease K sends me is a different shade, I can just pretend that I meant for the sleeves to be a different color than the body. I think that I am making the 36" bust version of the Nantucket Jacket (one size above the smallest size). I am using the old cotton-ease, I haven't yet seen the new cotton-ease live.



Blogger Melissa said...

wow, it looks wonderful so far! Hopefully the new cotton will be close!

12:50 AM  
Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

the construction of the collar does sound pretty neat, love the details in your sweater! Sounds like you have a good plan for the sleeves : )

12:52 PM  

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