Thursday, January 25, 2007

I have heat again, thankfully. After a beautiful, warm winter the weather if finally turning bitterly cold, it wasn't the best time to loose heat. My landlord was good and came right out and got my heat working again.

I have not made much progress with my knits. The wristwarmer I started I ended up frogging. It was too loose and figuring out decreases to go around my wrist was too much work. I redesigned the Arrrgyle a bit to make smaller squares, and cast on again. This time I decided to go with 3 colors. This is kind of a pain, but more significantly I think my carries may be getting too tight. Now I am having a little difficulty getting the warmer over my hand. It may be frogged again. Perhaps I will be back at just 2 colors, or will do a plain argyle type warmer. Then again, I may just try to do one pattern repeat and see how it looks and see if it is too tight and go from there.

I made more progress on the front of my Nantucket Jacket. I am still using my second skein of Cotton-Ease, though I will probably have to break into a third soon. Remember, I have only 4 skeins of Cotton-Ease (though K may be able to come to the rescue, Yay K!).

I know that I should be working on winter sweaters so that I can wear them as soon as I finish, but I am just not feeling the pull of any right now. Let me rephrase, I am not feeling pulled enough to spend money on yarn for any right now. It is a rather odd feeling...



Blogger Melissa said...

wow, the nantucket jacket is coming along nicely! is it some of the new cotton-ease or old stash?

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so making me want to start that Nantucket jacket. I have all this Cotton Ease sitting around . . . What size are you making to be able to get that out of so few skeins?

12:10 AM  

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