Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I forgot to post 2 new book reviews:

SRP Book 10, Size 12 is Not Fat, Meg Cabot 368 pages. This is a quick, engaging, light read. Heather Wells, the main character is a former teen pop star whose mother ran off with all of her money, leaving her forced to take a job earning a fraction of what she used to earn. Despite her fall from teen idol status, Heather is a down to earth woman settling in to her new job working in a dorm as assistant director. Heather's menial job become interesting, and dangerous, when several of her residents die under mysterious circumstances. Heather does not beleive that their deaths are accidental and tries to track down the murder. This made for an enjoyable summer read. A-

SRP Book 11, To The Nines, Janet Evanovich, audiobook. Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is back, this time tracking down a missing person on whom her employer has issued a visa bond. As Plum tries to locate the missing person she becomes a target of someones internet murder game. Not great, but decent airplane entertainment. B


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