Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's good to be back

I arrived in San Diego last night after what seemed like an unending week of nomadic journeying around the East Coast. Unfortunately, this post will have no photos, since my camera died right when my neice waddled out on the dance floor to entertain 250 guests at a wedding the Hamptons (nice!). This was just one mishap of many on this trip. I'm hoping that various family members will send me the photos that they took so I can show you what a ham she was.

Anyway, we flew into Newark last Thursday after a very long flight and found that the airline had lost our luggage. Really nice since they make you pack all of your toiletries. Also, they had the car seat, so we had to sit around the airport and wait for 3 hours until it turned up. By then, my neice had been awake for 13 hours without a nap and we still had to drive 1 1/2 hrs to Long Island. Actually, it's only that long IF you don't get lost in New York City. Then it takes 3 hours - ask me how I know. Imagine it, if you will, wandering around Times Square looking for the Midtown tunnel with a screaming one-year old sitting next to you. At that point, we'd all been up since 3:45 in the morning so we were not a happy crew. We considering selling Savannah to a homeless person on the street, but luckily, reason took over.

Lets just say the trip carried on in much this same way for the next few days. I'll spare you the details, but we started to call ourselves the Griswolds after all of our bad luck. We traveled from Newark to Long Island to Providence to Boston. Not to mention to and from San Diego. When I got home last night, I collapsed in bed and slept for 12 hours trying to put the whole experience behind me.

It wasn't all bad, though. We went to Newport, and on the way back, we stopped at a lovely yarn store in Wickford. At this point, J had joined us. As soon as she did, though, she too began experiencing some unfortunate luck, so there was definitely a karma problem. I also had a really nice time in Boston. While J and my husband went to the art museum, I visited three yarn stores after eating at one of my favorite lunch spots there - the New England Soup Factory. At this point in the trip, when things started going better, I starting feeling sad about leaving, but all in all, I'm glad to be home.

I unfortunately won't be able to make it to Rebecca's this Saturday - my neice is having her 1st birthday party. I do have some info about the Eunny vest class at the Grove that I don't have time to post about now, but I can tell you that it starts September 9th, so make sure you order your yarn in plenty of time.

See you all soon!


Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

thats when you know you've had a good vacation. When you glad to be home! ; )

4:37 PM  

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