Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Reid is Finished!

Just in the nick of time. Actually, it's not completely done. I still haven't sewn on a button; in fact, I haven't even purchased one, but I plan on doing that today. I also need to press the edging since it's curling a little bit.

Pattern: Reid, from the Spring 2006 issue of knitty

Yarn: Rowan 4-ply cotton for body and Rowan Cotton Glace for trim

Needles: Addi Turbo circular, size 3 for body and size D crochet hook for trim

Date started: 7/28/06

Date completed: 8/15/06

Modifications: I used a thinner yarn and a smaller needle to take care of the sizing issues that other bloggers had mentioned. I think these changes were enough to make it the correct size. In fact, I'm concerned it might be a bit small, which I never dreamed of. When I measured, it was 20" around, and that's how big Savannah is. I also shortened the arms my 2" and they seem to have come out to Savannah's exact measurements. This, of course, means she won't be able to wear the sweater for very long, but at least it will fit for the christening.

Overall thoughts: The sizing issues with this pattern made it a bit more of a challenge, but other than that, I found this to be a well-written pattern, and I think it turned out really cute. The chart for each piece was different, showing that the designer put a lot of thought into how lace pattern should work. The lace pattern is challenging, but not overly so. It kept my interest pretty much the entire time. This sweater took a long time to make for such a tiny little thing, though.

Onward and upward! I've started something new, and in my totally delusional world, I have a belief that I'll finish this in time to wear to the wedding on Saturday. I'm making this sweater, Amelie, which you may remember from a previous entry. Since I'm tired of things not fitting around my bust area properly, I'm doing an experiment. I'm making a smaller size than I would normally make, one that's 3 1/2 inches smaller than my bust, and I've added short rows, per the instructions in Big Girl Knits. I'm hoping that this will allow the sweater to fit me better. It also might mean that it's simply too small.

Here's my progress so far:

The color isn't nearly that bright in person. In fact, it's really rich, in between red and pink. I'd call it magenta. I've started the neck and back shaping, so I'm making OK progress, but even after I'm done with the sweater, I need to knit and attach that lace portion at the bottom. I'll have lots of time on the plane, though. I leave tomorrow, at the lovely hour of 6:30 a.m. So, I have to be at the aiport at 4:30! Yuck.

By the way, does anybody out there recommend any yarn shops in the Hamptons?


Blogger Siercia said...

The ladies over at Mason-Dixon were doing reading from their books at a couple of yarn shops in the Hamptoms recently, if I'm remembering correctly. You might want to look there.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Rose's Comet said...

I love that baby sweater. It looks beautiful.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Marisa said...

Reid is adorable!

3:28 PM  
Blogger Wildmindgirl said...

I love the white sweater. It's so feminine!

12:54 AM  

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