Sunday, August 27, 2006

Reds and Purples

My trip didn't leave much time for knitting, unfortunately. I didn't really even get much done on the plane. I didn't finish the magenta tank in time for the wedding and, in fact, it still isn't done. I've had nothing but trouble with it, but it's getting there. I have a big yarn tangle going on with it right now, so it's not photo-worthy.

Since I got tired of working on it, I decided to start something new - why not, right? I was going to make a Clapotis out of the Lion and Lamb yarn that I got for my birthday, but I never got around to casting on for it. Then, I got a better idea. I decided it was perfectly suited to make the Annie Modesitt silk corset tank. That pattern calls for a silk yarn, so I thought a silk/wool blend yarn would be a good substitute. Luckily, J had already gone through the troubles with the gauge error in the pattern (which still isn't fixed! Nor could I find any errata!) Another thing - I got it in my mind that it was knitted in the round, which it isn't. It's actually a cardigan designed to be knit in one piece. From the beginning, I had it in my mind that it was knit in the round - I even did my swatch in the round. I have no idea why, but I've decided to press onward, hoping that the pattern will work out this way. If any of you out there have made this pattern - will it work in the round?

I also made some progress on my Icarus shawl, albeit not much. This turned out to make excellent plane knitting - I don't really have to look at the pattern very often and it's very lightweight. I wish I'd realized that for the flight out there!

Yesterday afternoon was my neice's first birthday party. She made out with so many gifts and she just loved being the center of attention. She got this enormous car from her uncle and she was totally thrilled.


Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

your niece is such a ham! Too cute : )

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