Sunday, August 20, 2006


Book 8 Equal Rites, Terry Pratchett, 213 pages. What happens when a dying wizard accidentally gives his wizard staff to a baby girl? Since everyone knows that women can't be wizards, it can't be anything good. Equal Rites is another of Pratchett's Discworld books. Christine got me reading these books, and, in fact, this is another one of her books. Pratchett's novels are witty, intelligent, and a fun read. A-

Book 9 Seven Up, Janet Evanovich, audiobook. I have listened to this book before, and chose to listen again, mostly because it has been that is the audiobook on my Ipod that it has been the longest since I listened to it. This series of books features inept bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and her adventures (and misadventures) in Trenton, NJ. This series is light and makes for a pleasant listen. While the books are somewhat formulaic, they don't be monotonous (unless you listen to one after another, after another, after another)

I haven't chosen a final name for my sock yet, but I promised a winner to the contest and so I will name a winner. Kim with Flaming Hot Sugar Shock is the winner. I like saying the name, but it seems a bit long, I want something a bit shorter over all. I liked all of the names, so while I am not using any of them, thank you for the ideas. Kim, please drop us an email at telling me what LYS you would your gift certificate to be to, or if you would like some Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn.
(yes there are bruises on my ghostly white legs in the photo, no I don't have a clue what they are from, I bruise easily and never know what caused the bruises)

I chose a yarn for the cuffs of my Season's jacket. I am using some light sport/fingering weight Mostly Merino yarn, which I picked up at the Mostly Merino showcase at Circles yesterday. This is approximately the color, but it is actually darker than it shows here, which is called Indigo. The yarn is not soft in the way that 100% merino wool is, there is some mohair in the yarn, so there is a slight scratchiness to the yarn, but, it is very nice to work with nonetheless. I think that the wool may still have some lanolin in it.
I have another photo which I can't get to upload showing the colorwork, Isis, and the cuff. I will show you that one on Tuesday (hopefully)

Why is that when we have Schilling pitching and a 2 run lead in after the top of the second we have to have rain, thunder and lightening? Rain delay, but sounds like it could be less than 45 minutes, shoot they radio commentators are talking about the possibility of Schilling not coming back after the rain delay.


Blogger Christine said...

Hopefully, that scratchiness probably won't matter after you add the lining.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

haha! I love that name for your socks. Great pattern for your jacket! Love the lace, the cables and the color

4:42 PM  

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