Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sweet Freedom!!!!!!

I'm slowly decompressing after the prolonged stress and anxiety of the last few weeks. When I woke up this morning, my whole body was completely wrecked, like I'd been out on a drinking binge last night or something. I wasn't sure I'd be able to get up, but I'm feeling better now. What a wonderful feeling to wake up and have absolutely nothing that I have to do today. What I plan to do is clean this filthy pig-sty of a house. I won't walk on the kitchen floor without socks at this point....yeah, I know. Nasty.

Let's see if Blogger is up for a little photo-posting, shall we? On Monday, it made an executive decision that our blog readers could only see my finished left front and not my progress on sleeves or anything else. Not that they're all that thrilling. Perhaps this is Blogger's way of saving the world from boring progress photos. Basically, I've finished the sleeves and have moved on to the right front. I'm definitely ready to be done with this project and moving on to other things, but I'm so close now that I don't think I'll get tempted to start something else.

I've still been looking for classy, elegant patterns to make for the wedding I'm going to in the Hampton's this summer. Thanks to almost felted, I think I've found something. Since I don't have a 28 inch bust, and haven't since I was in the 2nd grade or so, I'm going to have to do some serious upsizing. The body part looks fairly simple to change, but the armholes will be a little more of a challenge. I think it's a very elegant design that can be dressed up with the right skirt, jewelry and hairstyle.

Does anybody else out there think that this awful weather we're having is hilarious? When I travel, people always assume that our weather is so perfect, but when they come to visit (no, it's not just you, J), they comment on how much crappier the weather is than they thought. They usually think it's just bad luck or something. But it's not, is it? I saw the sun for a few minutes on Monday, but that's about it for at least three weeks, maybe a month. Amazing. I know it doesn't match the floods and pouring rain on the east coast, though.


Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

Thanks for sharing the tank pattern! It would look elegant dressed up : )
And yes, this weather really sucks. When will the rain stop?? WHEN??

10:30 PM  

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