Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Blonde than a Blonde

I can be, and am, a ditz. My hair may be red, but sometimes I have serious blonde moments, including when I shampooed my hair 4 times or so because I couldn't figure out how I wasn't managing to get the suds out before applying conditioner (I kept picking up shampoo when I thought I was picking up conditioner). This weekend I visited my family in PA, and took advantage of having a washing machine at my disposal to put my sweaters though the machine, including wool sweaters. No this ISN'T a tail of woe over inadvertent felting. After taking my sweaters out I noticed how incredibly soft my merino sweater was. It was always soft, but not like this. The next day, I was doing a load of wash for my mom and as I was about to add fabric softener to the wash I realized that the day before all my sweaters were washed in Downey and not with Woolite (yes I know Woolite is not a good choice for delicates). How much a ditz do you have to be to confuse the blue Downey bottle with the white Woolite one? That is the ditz I am.

On knitting news, my ditziness continues as I forgot to bring home the camera card. It sat on my desk from Wednesday, through the trip to visit family, which I wanted the card so I could take baby shower photos, through my thinking that I had to bring it home yesterday, and ending up still here on my desk this morning. Therefore I have no photos to show you.

The update on projects: My Frost Flowers and Leaves Shawl is moving right along (imagine a picture of a lump of lace here). My Karabella sweater is at the V neck separation, however, since I have bad knitting karma, I think that I have to tear out the finished back and start from scratch. I have to have the sweater finished by next weekend. This morning I realized that I needed a second skein of yarn to work on the V neck shaping. (imagine a picture of the front of my sweater here).

Enough boring talk. Have a good day!


Blogger Christine said...

Don't feel bad: the ribbing on the bottom back of my Vintage Raglan Cardigan goes for six rows, and it goes for ten rows on the front...

9:19 AM  
Blogger wenders said...

Yeah, I talked to my alarm clock this morning, as in 'leave me alone' and then got mad when it didn't respond. Red hair doesn't keep you free from some of that blonde-ness. :)

9:27 AM  
Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

I could tell you thousands of blonde moments I have during the day.. if I could just remember them!! *L* : D

10:35 PM  

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