Monday, May 15, 2006

Breaking the Silence

This blog has been uncharacteristically dark for a few days. Usually, with two of us posting, we can find time between us to say something mildly amusing. It would seem that for the last several days, we have both been busy with "life", whatever that means, but I have still been knitting and hopefully J has, too.

I'm fairly certain that I'm going to be done with my exams tomorrow. I haven't even started studying for the test tomorrow, but I've done well in the course all semester so it shouldn't be a problem, knock on wood. The take-home that I'm working on, that is supposed to be due Thursday, is getting it's final revisions, so my partner and I are just going to set it aside until it's due and relax in the meantime. Then....sweet freedom! Knitting all the time! Walks in the middle of the day!!! By the way, for those of you in the San Diego area, I plan on bringing a couple of bottles of champagne to the knit salon on Thursday to celebrate. If my finals go well, I may even eat something for dinner...stay tuned.

Anyhoo, here is my knitting progress on Shingle, which is all I've been working on. On Friday evening, I finished the left front, which went very quickly, less than 24 hours if I remember correctly. It's amazing what you can accomplish on size 11 needles. I'm still slaving away on the sleeves. I thought they would go much more quickly than they have, but aren't sleeves deceiving that way? I'll probably finish them today and then, the right front is all I have left. Since it takes less than a day to do that, I should have a finished sweater by the end of the week. Yay!

I ordered some yarn from elann last week but the wrong color came. I ordered the Opal Aqua but I received Scooter Red instead. I'm not pleased so I'm going to have to return it, which I've never done before. I also ordered Sachet, and I was pleased with that. This yarn is so soft, and supposedly the same gauge as Cotton Tape, although it is a lot thinner. I plan on making a couple of the tanks in the Cotton Tape Collection for the summer.

I recently had trouble with some Lantern Moon needles. I had bought a couple of pairs from someone, secondhand, and almost immediately, one pair started splintering. I returned them to the shop where the person had bought them, and they were replaced within a week. Apparently, Lantern Moon was contacted and immediately remedied the situation. Very good, since I was disappointed with $20 needles splintering. I now have a brand new pair!


Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

The best of luck on your exams tomorrow!! I'll keep my needles crossed for ya! ; )
Looky at Shingle grow! WOW!

11:01 PM  

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