Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spring has sprung

I have made knitting progress, but I'm still doing some final finishing. I should have photos of a finished Blue Sky fitted tank on Friday. All that's left is weaving ends in and adding crochet edging. I think I'll be able to wear it today. I'm also 10 inches into Orangina. But since I'm finishing a project today, you know what that means - something new! Yay! I'm probably going to do Audrey from Rowan 35 using the Continental knitting techniques I learned in a class at the Grove over the weekend. I have some Calmer in my stash that I was using for another project that I'm going to frog.

Good news - Dave seems interested in the Eunny Vest as a potential class project! More details to come.

Instead of knitting photos, though, I wanted to show you what spring looks like in San Diego. These are just some of the lovely sights I see as I take a walk around my neighborhood. They're the kinds of things that make everything seem right with the world, if only for a while.


Blogger Inky said...

Thank you for the San Diego spring pics -- I miss San Diego!!

12:58 PM  
Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

Looks like a lovely walk though all those wonderful gardens! : )

12:18 PM  

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