Thursday, May 18, 2006

Busy Morning

ordinarily I post first thing in the morning. On the days I post I come in, turn on my computer, start writing, inserting photos while I check email. This morning started about that way. As I was writing, however, I learned that I had to run into court on an emergency basis. First thing I had to drop everything and finish drafting, then I had to talk to my client, then I had to change into my suit. Because I can't wear heals yet, I got to wear a skirt suit with my ugly clogs. What a fashionista I am! No?
I had started the day in capris and a green sweater, I tried on the brown shop samble. It was not actually made to fit me, but the measurements were almost mine, so I figured that I could show it off.

My lump of lace continues to grow. In lace news, I signed up for The Amazing Lace 2006, so you will see posts intended solely for this, bear with me as I write and photograph for them. Thanks.

Now I gotta return to the working world. Later!


Blogger Christine said...

Hey, you can post lumps of lace, I can post every 1/4" of stocking!:P

That sweater doesn't look half bad on you. Do you think you could stand to knit it all over again for yourself?

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

The sample sweater looks lovely. And it looks like there's something very curious in the photo -- what is that? SUN???? Yipeeeeee!!!!!

9:59 PM  
Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

Loven' the sample sweater, it looks good on you! You big lump of lace is growing : D

2:25 PM  

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