Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One of the advantages of living in New England is that a weekend jaunt to a foreign country is not only possible, but is easy and convenient too. While a This past weekend I took a jaunt up to Montreal. weekend jaunt to Europe is both financially and practically out of the question for me, a weekend jaunt to Montreal is easy. I brushed off my very rusty, and VERY elementary French skills and drove the 5-7 hour trip through New Hampshire and Vermont to arrive in this very European city during their Just For Laughs Festival, of which I don't have any photos. The weather was mostly lovely, the city very walkable, the people friendly, the food eclectic and good, and the beer (Maudite) was very good. Despite traveling with a fellow knitter, no yarn shops were visited. We spent most of our time walking around the old city.

I managed to get some knitting done while in Montreal, and after returning home. The Forest Path Stole is now finished. Well, the ends aren't woven in yet and it isn't blocked yet, but those things will happen soon. This means that I now have 2 shawls to block.



Blogger Vegan Pi said...

Je parle francais beaucoup dans Montreal. Mais, je parle un peu francais. Montreal est une belle ville.

Wow, french is harder to write than speak. You get the idea!

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

That blocky building is neat! What is that? Do people live there? Glad you had a nice time, and congratulations on finishing your stole.

11:34 AM  

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