Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Little This, A Little That

It's pretty much a typical Sunday around here, although I have to work a little. That's annoying. That's OK, though, because it helps to finance my rather out-of-control crafting habits. Speaking of which, here's a couple of recent additions to my stash:

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I think the Asian tea-themed one is going to be an apron and the other two are going to be skirts. The pink one I bought to match an espresso shell that I knit last summer. The other is just gorgeous. I have nothing to go with it, but who cares?! Its an Amy Butler, of course.

I have been knitting as well. Last night, I finished Rusted Root and I'm thrilled with everything except maybe the neckline which isn't lying right. When I picked up the stitches around the neckline, I picked them all up since they were basically my cast-on edge. Since I was using a smaller needle, I figured that was OK. I think it still might be, but it really needs a blocking. I'm going to wear it anyway, until I get around to blocking it properly.

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Once I was done with that, I immediately cast on for the Drop Stitch Tank from Fitted Knits. I'm using Noro Lily that I bought in a clearance sale a while back. It is sort of taking the place of my Fitted Tank, color-wise, which unfortunately turned out to be a major disaster. Its kind of sad because the only thing wrong with it is that it's too short. Otherwise, it fits great. However, it looks terrible on me becasue it looks like a tube top. So, it is basically unwearable. Very sad indeed. Anyway, here's what I have on my Drop Stitch Tank so far:

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