Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Sweater Blues

This weekend I began a new sweater. I decided to try making one of the sweaters from Knitting Lingerie Style (I don't remember the name of the sweater). I decided for this sweater to use some Candy Blue Cotton-Ease that I had in stash from around the time Lion Brand was discontinuing CE. At that time I bought about 10 skeins of this yarn, no specific project absolutely in mind, but there were a couple of things potential projects out there. After buying all of this yarn, I decided that I really didn't like the color enough to wear 10 skeins of it, so it sat around languishing for years. Well, I pulled it out this weekend and stared a tank, then frogged the tank. I then pulled out some left over Candy Apple Cotton Fleece and cast on for this sweater, deciding to try the Cotton Fleece as the contrasting color to my sweater. As I knit, I didn't truly love the color combination and I was very unsure of how I would like wearing a whole sweater of Candy Blue, but I kept knitting anyway.

I decided to modify the pattern. In the pattern shaping is achieved by changing to smaller needles a couple inches into the sweater then resuming the use of larger needles further along. I didn't feel like knitting worsted weight yarn on size 4 needles, so I added waist shaping. I didn't think my shaping through all the way, and as a result the narrowest point on the back is probably going to fall above the narrowest point of my waist. I decided that I wouldn't really care because I don't love the Candy Blue, and I am not sure that I like the Candy Apple contrasting color, so since I might never wear the sweater in public what is the big deal?

Well, I kept knitting right along and my skein of Candy Blue ran out. I picked up a second skein that I had sitting right by me for just this purpose and joined the yarn and kept knitting. This was last night. I was reading a book, and the knitting was just stockinette, so I really didn't bother to look down. I didn't look down until I had to leave to go to karate, then when I looked down this is what I saw:
Apparently, when I bought the 10 skeins of Candy Blue Cotton-Ease, I neglected to look at the dyelots. At the time I bought the yarn I was experienced enough that I should have known better, but I must have been in a cheap yarn feeding frenzy. It further seems that the CE that I have of this color matches the darker top color and not the lighter bottom color. If the CE matched the bottom I would simply tear out the 2 inches I knit and use a different skein, but since I can't do that, this sweater may be forever a UFO.


Blogger knitzalot said...

I have a crapload of this yarn at home. I wonder if I have the dyelot you need.

1:16 AM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

Total bummers, dude. But maybe K to the rescue?

12:48 AM  
Blogger Jscothammerquist said...

Been there. Done that !
Yay for the new IK !

4:48 PM  

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