Wednesday, April 18, 2007

There Has Been Knitting

But, there isn't really anything interesting to show you. School is crazy right now, but in addition to that, I have the next installment of my sweater design class on Saturday. I haven't done any work on my project in six weeks or more, so I'm cramming this week. As a result, I haven't finished Sahara yet. It won't take long, but every spare minute that I have for knitting needs to be used for the class project. Hopefully, I'll have the back finished by Friday so I'll have a good photo. I made quite a lot of progress last night and I'm now 4 inches or so into the armhole shaping.

Instead, I have non-knitting photos.

I took this picture of my neice, Savannah, when we went out to dinner last Friday night. She did this pose herself - it wasn't staged or anything. Even though she's only 19 months, she's about as big as a 3-year old! The doctor told her parents she's going to be over 6 feet tall. She's also a skinny beanpole, so she's lucky to have gotten those genes from her mother.

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I got this shot of Teacup yesterday. I guess having the window open in the bedroom was a bit too chilly for him, so he took refuge by wrapping himself like a burrito in the comforter.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, Savannah is adorable, and Teacup- that picture cracks me up! Such cuteness!

2:35 PM  

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