Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Frog is a Four Letter Word

On Saturday I blissfully picked up Seasons of Darkness and Winter of Light and pleasantly knit and knit on it. Then I went to bed. Sometimes while I am sleeping good ideas come to me. My mind is freer and less constrained and sometimes creative. Sometimes, though, while I am sleeping I realize that I made a major mistake somewhere.
Sometime between Sat night and Sun morning, as I was sleeping, I realized I might need to frog some of Season of Darkness. I thought that I would have to frog the work I did on Saturday, the first work that I have done on this sweater in months. You see, as I was sleeping I remembered that I have to have some steek stitches in the sleeve so that I can create a front and a back. I remembered that these steek stitches get inserted a couple of inches before approximately half of the stitches are cast off. The work I did on Saturday left me about perhaps 20ish rows away from the cast off area, and this was closer than I remembered for the steek stitches to start.

As I compared the finished left sleeve with the right sleeve I realized that I am 3ish inches past where the steek stitches should have started. I did not knit 3ish inches last night. Apparently, I started making this mistake before Seasons got set aside. (See photo on the right )
Fortunately, working on the piece on Saturday reminded me of how happy this project makes me. Perhaps even more fortunately, my office isn’t open on Patriots’ Day (a Massachusetts Holiday that occurs on the day the Boston Marathon is run), so I had plenty of knitting time in which to correct my mistake, which I did. I guess, in the spirit of stupid optimism, I could look at the mistake as a way to prolong my enjoyment of this sweater and not look at it as a set back. Could I be that “glass if half full”? By Sunday night I was past the progress that I made on Saturday, and I had finished my skein of dark brown, so I set this aside so I can wind the dark brown into a new cake.

Since I still had another full day in which I could knit I started the second sleeve for Whiskey (by the way, I had managed to finish the left front on Saturday (I think)). Here is my new Whiskey progress:

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Anonymous Lissy said...

I like your optimistic attitude. It's better than a bag of sour lemons. I actually do enjoy the process of knitting as much as the finished progress, so I feel the same way about mistakes. I learn something and I still end up with a well done project if I'm humble enough to rip back and do it again.

6:09 PM  

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