Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring's Bounty

I haven't been doing much knitting, which isn't like me at all. Part of it is because I have a lot of homework, but its really not the whole story. I've been doing other things that I've been neglecting, like reading...for fun! I've read two books in the last few weeks. Plus, I've been cooking up a storm! I've been searching the city high and low for the best organic produce and I've been trying to cook and eat more meals at home to save money and to be healthier. I've been doing fairly well, although I have eaten a few meals out.

Here is one my creations from this weekend:

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Strawberries are in season and really cheap, so its strawberry shortcake time. You'd better bet that's real whipped cream, too. Mais oui!

I've been back to knitting the last few days, so I'll have photos soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YUM!! (Going to the fridge now, to get some berries- though, sadly, no shortcake...)

12:44 PM  

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