Sunday, February 18, 2007

Starsky Revival

The knitting gods were most benevolent this time. I managed to finish the knitting, including the hem, on Hourglass without running out of yarn! Yay! I ended up with probably 10 yards to spare. Not so close to call it a nailbiter, but close enough all the same. All that's left to do now is sew down the hem facings and graft the underarms together. I tried to get a photo, but the lighting was bad, so I'll get a better photo when it's all done.

Disentangled's successful completion of Starsky inspired me to resurrect mine. Last April, four of us decided to cast on for Starsky at the same time. I decided to change out the cables and attempt to do my own design. My design skills at the time were rudimentary, so I made a few mistakes, but I think the cables are pretty all the same. I had decided not to finish it because the yarn I used, Rowan Polar, is just too heavy and scratchy to be worn by me, particularly in Southern California. However, when I took it out to look at it, I decided that it was too pretty not to finish. Here's a photo of one of the fronts:

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Right now, I'm at the sleeve shaping on the other front. The sleeves and back are done already, so once I finish the other front and it's blocked, I can sew it together and add a collar to it. I've decided to swap this out for Rogue as my March UFO Resurrection project.

I'm also not sure what I want to cast on for next. I had planned on making Wicked and I have the yarn and everything. However, I'm not feeling inspired by it right at this moment. Now, I'm thinking maybe the Central Park Hoodie with some of the fabulous tweed yarn I have in my stash. Hmmm....

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Blogger Theresa said...

You're going to have an incredible new collection of sweaters pretty soon!

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