Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Vest Update

Since it has been a very long time since my Eunny vest has made an appearance on this blog, I thought I'd show you the progress I've made. Our last class is this Saturday, when we will be cutting steeks and picking up stitches for the neckline. I'm busily trying to finish my vest before then. Once the fair isle part is complete, finishing up the trim shouldn't take too long. It will be the kind of thing I can do in front of the TV, so I should have a completed vest soon after Saturday.

Anyway, here's what I have done so far. You can see the neck steek going up the front and the armhole steeks going up the sides.

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Here's a closeup of the neck steek:

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I wanted to show you how fair isle decreases work. This is one of the things I've found truly fascinating about this whole process. If you reverse the normal slant of your decreases (i.e. do a k2tog instead of an SSK) and do them right up against the steek, they don't interfere with the pattern.

I have about 16 more rounds to go. About 5 rows from the end, I also I have to set a back neck steek. So, I'm close to the finish line, but not quite there.

My Ella Rae yarn came on Monday - I got it from WEBS for a really good price and I plan to use it for my Ribby Cardi. I swatched the two colors together to get an idea how they'll look. I'm really excited about the combination. The photo is making them look a bit more contrasting than they actually are, but it's pretty close


Anonymous Cora said...

I love the ribby cardi colors! I have about 20 rows left on my vest. I can't wait to cut everything on Sat.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Allison said...

Wow! Looks great! I (surprise!) have about a million rows left to go on my vest. Seriously, I am going to have to knit non-stop to make up for the laziness that has swept over me the past two months.... but I will finish by Saturday!

Are we bringing alcohol and snackies?

6:55 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Steeks fascinate me.

Great job!

9:16 PM  
Blogger Disentangled said...

I'm about at the 20-rows-remaining mark. But somehow it's already Thursday and it's going to be a push to get done in time. I can't help feeling like mine is looking looong. I'm hoping it is just the strange orientation of everything right now. I supposed I could check my row gauge, but what would the fun in that be?

The ribby cardy will be great in those colors! (...must...knit...that...)

9:45 AM  

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