Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Since I am out of yarn for my Seasons of Darkness sweater I basically am without a sweater to work on. I have started Pearl Buck, but that is my knit in the office sweater, and there hasn't been time to knit in the office.

In the absence of a sweater to work on I have been plugging away at accessories. There was the scarf and the socks that I recently blogged about, now there is one Urban Necessities convertible mitten (missing the cap) to your left which I made last week, and a sock to the right. The sock will be a gift and is being made out of 2 colors in part to make sure there is enough yarn to make the matching sock. The blue yarn is Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn that I received from the Tea Swap and the red yarn is Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn which is left over from the sock I designed over the summer. The pattern is my own (I will get a better photo of the stitch I am using latter) and uses a picot cast on, a Welsh heel, and a toe that combines a "pointed toe" with kitchener stitch to close it up instead of continuing to decrease until there are 4 stitches left. I must admit, this sock has put me over the top. I am starting to get sick of making socks, and I still have the match to make, another pair to make, and 3 matches to make for myself, urgh.

The best news of my day: I called GMAC to find out if my car was paid off or if I owed one last payment (the coupon said Remaining PMTS: 1) and my car is PAID IN FULL!!!!!! I am still doing a little happy dance.


Blogger Melissa said...

congrats!!! it must feel so great to have paid it off... I cant wait until that day comes for me ;)
Cute sock... I thought you sock knitters never got sick of knitting socks!

10:28 PM  
Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

Love your finished sock!! The red heel, toe and cuff are awesome.

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

Yay for cars that are paid in full and boo for socks that bore you. That sort of balances the scales, no? Usually it's yay for socks and boo for un-paid-off cars. But somehow, I really think it's better to have a car paid off than to be in a sock rut. You'll be feeling the sock love again in no time and the car will still be paid off! As FDR said, better times are around the corner.

4:58 PM  

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