Friday, July 14, 2006

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

I thought I'd be totally done with my Prosperous Plum Tank by today, but I ran into some trouble with it, so now I'm not as motivated to finish it as quickly.

From the beginning, I felt that my gauge was loose and that the top was too big, but since I didn't want to start over, I just ignored it. As soon as I was able to, I started trying the top on, and I was able to comfortably get it on over my clothes, which isn't a good sign because I had intended for it to be rather snug. I couldn't properly tell until the straps were done, so once I had one set done, I tried it on and it was definitely bigger than I intended (although I wouldn't call it too big). So, I decided it was time to check everything. But, strangely enough, everything was checking out OK. My gauge was fine, even a little tighter than the pattern called for. When I did the math of the pattern, I realized the error. At the widest point of the bust, I had 204 stitches on my needle, and at a gauge of 19 sts/4 in, the finished measurement is 3 inches larger than the pattern specs. So, it's an error in the pattern, not with my knitting. It still fits (I have one inch of ease instead of 2 inches of negative ease), but the gauge is still bothering me. Personally, I wouldn't knit Cotton Fleece on a size 8 needle. I think it looks best on a 6 or 7. This is going to stretch out like crazy and not hang that well, so although I think it's a cute pattern, I should have just knit the whole thing on a size 7 needle and everything would have turned out OK. Anyway, here's a photo of the front, which is basically done. I have to reknit the top of the front straps to do the decreases a little faster because they're too long.
Here's a photo of the back, which is complete except for one strap. Once I fix the front ones, I can graft them together, do a round of crochet around the edges and I'm done. Hopefully it won't look too god awful on me.


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