Saturday, July 01, 2006

Amazing Lace, Challenge 3

Remarkably BAD Poetry

It has been awhile since I wrote about WRS, my significant other knitting project. That is mainly because WRS and I haven't spent any time together in over a week. I have been busy and WRS seemed okay on his own.

This morning started normally enough, Isis, my cat, meowed and begged for her breakfast at 7 a.m. (she doesn't get the concept of Saturday) and I got up and fed her. Since it was a Saturday and I wanted to be in bed still I almost missed the site that greeted me when I came into the kitchen:
WRS, my humble, quiet WRS was writing poetry on my laptop! My head is still spinning. See what happens when you neglect your lace, it gets all emotional on you! The worst part of all, can you read that poem?! It is AWFUL! Obviously WRS won't be supporting me with his writing anytime soon.

The question that must be on all of your minds, seeing my WRS's desperate plea for attention, was I moved to work on him and to make great strides of progress? Umn, not really, though I expect I will do some work on him today, but before then I have socks to start, and another lace project to work on, so basically my extra-WRS affairs continue unabated.


Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

WRS is very good at writting poetry! Unfortunitly my Charlotte isn't all to bright, just look at her "partial chart"! *L*

1:18 PM  

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