Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer Reading Project

Book 3, Catch as Cat Can, Rita May Brown. This is a cute murder mystery book (I know, who would have thought that a murder mystery could be cute?) What makes it cute is that several of the characters are animals, there are 2 cats and a dog who play as important of a role as the human characters do. I had never read any of the other books involving these characters, but did enjoy the book. It was a nice light read, perfect for the summer. There was just enough mystery and intrigue to keep you guessing without being to intense. B+

Book 4, A Wrinkle In Time, Madeleine L'Engle. I last read this book as a child, but decided some time ago that I wanted to re-read it. Last week Christine did a review on A Wind in the Door by L'Engle which made my interest in A Wrinkle in Time grow. A Wrinkle in Time is basically a sci-fi story of 3 children who travel through space to rescue the father of 2 of them from an planet swallowed by evil. As a child I did not really notice or care about the religious references, they still don't weigh heavily on me, but I did notice them more. As an adult, I also now wonder whether Camazotz a planet which a dark force controls, and on which every human acts is alike is a reference to communism. The book was written in the '60s and I believe that the type of sameness written about was part of the anti-communist propaganda, though, I was not a history major so I could be wrong. With all of this I still enjoyed the book, which was also a nice light read. B.

No knitting news. I barely knit this weekend.


Anonymous Kat with a K said...

I wrote my BA thesis on L'Engle, so I can try to say a little about it... I think communism is certainly part of the issue. Various Cold War issues run through her writing of the time. But I think she saw it, and other political issues, as an example of larger theological/philosophical/moral issues, though.

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