Sunday, April 23, 2006

Presenting Savannah's Hoodie!

Yesterday was our weekly get-together at Rebecca's in South Park and we had a really decent turnout. As usual, I had a wonderful time chatting and catching up with everyone. I only brought the hood of Savannah's sweater to work on and I knew as soon as I got started that it wasn't going to be able to occupy me the entire time. Luckily, it lasted me until 5 p.m. so, at that point, we walked over to the Grove to pick out some matching ribbon to serve as a tie. This morning, I worked hard seaming, blocking and weaving in ends, three things I absolutely HATE, but it's done! I delivered it to the recipient just a few minutes ago. She's got a cold, so she was a little grumpy when I arrived, but as soon as she enveloped herself in that soft Blue Sky Cotton, she was all (or almost all) smiles. She quickly drooled all over it and her nose ran on it, too, so it's no longer the pristine heirloom it was this morning, but that's kids for you! I also got a photo of her wearing it. Ain't she a cutie? She's very tactile and she appreciates fine fabrics - a girl after my own heart. Perhaps I'll consider a cashmere sweater for her a little later on.

I also sewed in the zipper on Sam so I wore it all day today. I'll chronicle those adventures in a later post. I can't get a flattering photo of the sweater because it's all stretched out, but next time it's laundered, I'll take a photo. Last night, I put it on as soon as it was complete and practically haven't taken it off. I just LOVE it!!

So, I finished two projects this weekend. What am I going to do now? What's that? Did you say finish some of the WIP's laying all over the house and in my car? Well now, don't be ridiculous! Of course, I'm going to start something new! I'm thinking of starting Sitcom Chic so I have a nice stockinette project to take to school, something that doesn't require me to have all of my tools and something that doesn't require that I look at a chart the whole time. Just stress-free, stress-relieving knitting! Of course, I'm making it out of Cotton-Ease since those seem to be the only projects I'm capable of finishing. More on Sitcom Chic adventures later in the week...


Blogger Disentangled said...

OMG! She looks so cute in her new hoodie! It came out great :-)

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Cora said...

How cute is she?! Can't wait to see Sam! I almost have one whole blanket strip finished, I think we should reward ourselves by starting the Blue Sky tank.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Allison said...

Wow- that sweater is amazing! She is such a cutie! and the color is perfect for her!

Sorry that I've been MIA. Had the flu for about a week. :(

And now I am getting ready for my trip. Am hoping to make it to Rebecca's this weekend.

Take care!

2:28 PM  

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