Thursday, April 13, 2006

Plea for Cable Help! (Edited)

I was really, really hoping to have knitting progress to show you by this point in the week, but I don't. Let me tell you why. You know my aerodynamics project that I finished early last week? The one that I suffered and sweated over for days and days, causing much stomach discomfort (basically constant nausea) and sleeplessness. Well, on Monday, our professor told my partner and I that we had to redo the whole thing because of a mistake that we'd made. Unfortunately, this one mistake propogated throughout the entire project causing everything to be wrong. Obviously, we were both rather upset, but we regrouped and finished the last of it today. Yay! Better yet, it looks correct this time! :)

So, tonight, I finally got to the task of knitting the fronts for Starsky. Sometime over the weekend, I plotted out the decreases, both for the neckline and armholes, to see if my lovely Ensign's Braid would fit on the front. Sadly, it won't, but I feel like the plaited cables that I have flanking the Braid are too boring to stand alone. Ideally, I'd like a wide cable that serves as the only cabling on the front, kind of the way that the Banana Tree does for the original pattern. I've searched through a couple of pattern books, but can't seem to find anything. I have found some things I like, but I feel like they don't "match" the back, if you know what I mean. I feel like what I use should be a braid-like cable so that it continues the theme. My question for you guys is this - actually I have two questions. First, should I limit myself to continue the "braid theme" for the front? If so, do you have any suggestions for cables I should use? Ideally, I'd like any cable I use to line up with the ribbing, so it should be 15, or maybe 21 stitches wide. I'll have 21 stitches after I have completed all of my decreases, so a cable that wide might be cutting it close. If there's a lovely cable out there with 16 or so stitches, I can always do a M1 to make it work out. Any ideas?

Edited to add: What about the braided cable on the back of Josephine? It appears to be 15 stitches wide.

OK, I apparently have ADD tonight, and totally forgot to post this photo of one of my kitties, Princess, taken by my husband this morning. I don't delude myself into thinking that my cats don't get up on the kitchen table. I guess that would be why it's always covered in cat hair and litter. But in front of us, they show the requisite respect and jump off immediately upon hearing the bedroom door open in the morning. We always hear a big thud as soon as we get up as cats scatter all over the living room. Well, this morning, Princess forgot her manners. She didn't even pretend that she felt like what she was doing was wrong. Don't you love the shamelessness? Pardon the mess as that's the aftermath of my hellish aero project.


Anonymous Cora said...

Yikes, I'll do some checking. I won't be there on Sat. Lori needs me to help her out. You guys are more than welcome to take a field trip and knit in Alpine.

12:35 AM  
Blogger Disentangled said...

That looks like a kitty who would rather get in trouble than miss out on a belly rub.

I'll check my Vogue Knitting book tonight re: the cable issue...

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Cora said...

I like the Josephine cable. It reminds me of the one you are already using, so it would tie in nicely.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Two cats in one picture, I think, if I'm looking at this right... Isn't that a black and white paw hanging from the chair?

11:22 AM  

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