Friday, November 11, 2005

More FO's

J and I have not been very good posters lately. For her part, she's been under the weather, and for mine, I've just been busy, but luckily, I have also been busy knitting so I have some FO's to show you.

First, I finished Joe's hat. Personally, I love it. As I mentioned before, the yarn is so soft! It's incredibly comfortable to wear and not too warm. He has seen it (I had to have him try it on to check the fit) and he wants to wear it before Christmas, but he needs to have something to open under the tree, right? Bunny was a very gracious to let me model it on him.

I also finished my sock. Overall, I think it turned out well, although the toe pulls a little bit. It really shouldn't. There's plenty of fabric in the sock foot for my toe to fit comfortably, but the lace needs to be blocked. I think once it gets washed, the fabric will relax and fit much better. To avoid SSS (see previous post), I have already cast on for the second one. Once I cast on, finishing it isn't usually a problem.

I haven't touched Vittadini in days, so no news there. J was kind enough to pick up the Birch pattern for me at an LYS in Lexington, MA, so I should be getting that as soon as she is feeling well enough to send it out.


Anonymous Melissa said...

wow, its really a small world, huh? I'd love to hear bout stuff at the Grove!

3:26 AM  
Blogger Jeanette said...

Hey, that is pretty amazing. I will have to ask Allison about it tonight. Also, come hell or high water, Birch (and your Inox) will go in the mail TODAY. I am not expecting any rain, so I don't see high water being a problem.

7:26 AM  

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