Monday, October 31, 2005

Gift Yarn

Gift Yarn

Over the Columbus day weekend, I fed the two cats of one my the members of my Wednesday S 'n B, the Bitter Knitter. Because I did that she very generously gave me three skeins of Atacama hand dyed Alpaca. I started playing with the yarn, trying to turn a cabled scarf into a double knit cabled scarf, but that was taking too long and I became impatient, so I tore it out (twice). Instead I decided to make River, from Rowan 38 with the yarn. Because the gauge for Atacama (18 st/4") is bigger than Kid Silk Haze, I decided to use some size 12 needles. I did not do all of the repeats, I simply went until I ran out of yarn, then I modified the border on the ending side to make up for the fact that I was quickly running out of the yarn. This is what I ended up with:


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