Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Apparently, I have a thing for blue. I didn't realize quite how bad it was until last night. Let me back up here a moment...Yesterday, excitement abounded as the mailman's truck parked across the street from my office. It continued to build, as he crossed the street coming to my building. Was it, could it be the pattern and yarn so that I could start my mother's Christmas gift? You know the excite of a yarn delivery, that on top of the thrill of starting a new project, finally starting a new sweater. Well, yes it was the mailman! Whoo Hoo, even the fact that I know have to hand wind 10 hanks of yarn wasn't enough to dampen my exitement, I was going to start immediately when I got home. Okay, not immediately, I had some produce from by Boston Organics delivery that I had to use up first.

After I ate my dinner (I don't cook often, so I always am proud of the mediocre food I do manage to cook), I started winding my mom's yarn, then it hit me. It is blue, well, I am working on a man's sock right now that is navy blue, I made a worsted weight pair of socks for my grandmother that is blue a sweater for my other grandmother that is blue (same yarn actually), and the shawl/stole that I just started is, guess what, BLUE!!!!!!!!! What is up with that? I have to start using other colors immediately, well when I start something new. I did ball one hank, and started mom's sweater, this is a picture of my guage swatch, I am using a larger needle size than called for, so that I can make the sweater a little more roomy for Mom.

Here is a picture of my sock, and, more importantly the most beautiful cat in the world, Isis (I know that every single cat owner out there would disagree, and K most definitely would disagree, but let me live my fantasy and I won't contradict you in yours, thanks). Isis is sleeping in her cat bed from Wendy Knits.

Just a little addition, the yarn for my mom's sweater goes quickly, I already finished up the first ball, so it looks like I will be balling yarn again tonight.


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