Sunday, November 06, 2005

$60 Cat Bed

I may be knitting the world's only $60 cat bed. When I originally spent $40 on the yarn, I thought that was ridiculous enough. But, when I ran out of yarn and realized I'd need TWO more balls to finish the bed, I realized that I had truly lost it. This bed is going to cost more than almost any other Christmas present I'm making this year. I must really love my cats! I do, though, so it's alright. I took this photo on my duvet as an attempt to show how well the colors match. I guess you can sort of see it. I've just started the sides and when I get to the top of the sides, I'm going to add a strand of, horror of all horrors, eyelash fun fur.

I've also decided to start the Falling Leaves sock from the current issue of Knitty. I know what you're going to say. Don't I have a ton of Christmas presents that need knitting? Isn't it terribly selfish for me to knit myself a pair of socks? Well, yes, I suppose it is, but c'est la vie. I have been dying to start these ever since I saw Jessica knitting them at the Whistlestop, so I bought the yarn from Knitpicks and got started. I'm really loving the pattern. The lace is just interesting enough to keep my focus and make me want to work on the sock, but not so challenging that I have to count and tear out constantly. To the left is a pic of my progress. I've decided to wear them on Thanksgiving, and since the pattern is remniscent of fall leaves, I thought Pumpkin was the perfect color. Fall is my favorite season, and although San Diego weather doesn't cooperate, I can always wear the socks to make me feel like it does.

Finally, I went to the Grove last night for their anniversary party. The food was catered by Vagabond, a restaurant that's going to be opening in South Park in November. There was a fashion show where customers modeled their knitted items, which is always great to see. Carrie made the baby blanket from Knitty and Margaret made the Humbug sweater from Rowan 37. There was wine, too. It was a really great event and there was a good turnout, too.

That about brings you up to speed. I will be heading down to the Whistlestop today for a little bit to work on my husband's boring sweater from hell. I have a TON of programming homework to finish, so I won't be there too long, but I'll need a break, right?


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