Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Leaf Peeping

Here in New England when fall rolls around people start to talk about going "leaf peeping." For those of you who don't know, leaf peeping amounts to driving out to Vermont, New Hampshire, or other areas to see the fall foliage. While I have never officially been peeping, last year I went on my first ever backpacking trip to New Hampshire where I got to see the last vestige's of the prime peeping.
This year I went out to the Northern Berkshires for a last hike of the year. I went with three other people and we discovered that our trip coincided with prime foliage viewing time. Sadly, my photos don't do justice to the fall foliage.
We spent 3 days hiking, and traveled from Lee, MA to North Adams, MA. We hiked about 44 miles over this 3 day span, and climbed up and over Mt. Greylock, which is the highest point in the state.
As a result of this hike, I have managed to hike about 115 miles this year (2008), this is a lot more distance than I expected to cover. It also means that the backpacking gear I bought between my first trip and now hasn't been wasted. I have learned what I like and don't like about my gear and am thinking about what I can/should replace (mostly my pack, which I don't think fits right).

There was no knitting this weekend, nor was there any cooking (unless you count boiling water over a camp stove and adding it to coucous).


Anonymous Cora said...

The Girl Scout camp I worked at was near Mt Greylock! It's gorgeous up there.

9:41 PM  

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