Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick Update

My knitting mojo seems to have been on vacation most of the summer. I have a sweater started that I just don't feel like working on. I finished one Gothic Spire sock and now I don't know where my second skein is, and I don't feel much like looking for it. The only knitting I seem to still be working on is WRS, and not even consistently on that. I know that it is probably totally boring to see photo after photo of lace in progress, particularly if only a row or 2 has been added, but sadly, that is all I have to share.

As of this writing I am 13 1/2 rows into repeat #3 of the center panel. Each repeat is 62 rows and there are 5 full repeats plus another 40 rows.

Since I have nothing knittingwise to share--here is a photo of a wonderful cheese salad that I had in Carcassonne (I may be sharing way too many France photos, but I have nothing else, sorry) I don't remember exactly what cheese were on the salad (there was a goat and an emmental) but there were all delicious. As you can see there were orange, cucumber, kiwi, tomato and lemon slices artistically displayed around my pile of lettuce. Yum!


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