Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Knitting Pics

While I have knit a couple more rows of WRS, it still isn't photo worthy, unless you want me to keep showing photos that look pretty much identical. What I am sharing today is a photo of the cute little red Fiat 500 that I rented while I was in France. I LOVED this car, it was adorable. It didn't have a lot of pick up and go, but it had a sun roof thing (it didn't open) it looked like I could have connected my Ipod to it, and it was just fun. I actually only paid for the most basic of cars, but there was an incident at the car rental agency when I tried to pick up my car on Saturday. I think that as a result of the incident I got a better car. The Fiat was brand new. If these cars come to America, I very well might have to get myself one :-)


Blogger arianna said...

I LOVE it. I so want one, too!! That'd be a perfect replacement for you. I know I said no need to get a new car right now really, but...if that one DOES sell here, I'm all for you getting one. ;) (Mostly so I can try driving it! hehehe)

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