Friday, August 08, 2008

A Walk Around the Lake

Hey Teach! is coming along really well. I've already seamed up half of it and I've done a good portion of the second sleeve. It will definitely be done sometime this weekend. Which leads to the obvious question...what next? He he. If you can believe it, I don't have a project picked out, but isn't picking it out half the fun?

Let's see, what else happened this week? On Wednesday, I had a birthday - a milestone. Thirty-five. 35. The big 3-5. It's the kind of birthday that makes you take stock of your life. I've decided that everything's going pretty well, so there's no need to feel bad. Moving on...

Tonight after work, I decided to take a walk around Lake Miramar. Actually, I do this walk twice a week. I thought I'd take you with me on my walk. That way, you can sort of have a workout without leaving your chair!

First off, let me just tell you that the lake is a great place for walking. It has a nice wide well-paved path:


The path is marked every quarter of a mile so you know how far you're walking:


The views are lovely:




And there's some pretty foliage to look at along the way:


I've got to say, it sure beats the gym! It's almost like not working out, but not quite. I'm enjoying daylight savings and going after work because I know, come October, I'll be stuck back at the gym.


Blogger Theresa said...

Happy Birthday! That path looks great for rollerblading, too. Hmmm . . .

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Jen said...

Happy belated birthday! Very nice walk indeed! Thanks for sharing :-)

1:13 PM  
Anonymous marisa said...

Happy belated birthday!!

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, again! :) That looks like quite a lovely walk. Thanks for taking me with you (since I didn't go walking today at lunch). ;)

5:59 PM  

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